These are the details that script will use to install and run:
Minimum version required (PHP 5.2.0, MySQL 5.0.0):
PHP: Server version of PHP '5.3.29' is ok!
MySQL: Server version of MySQL '10.0.38' is ok!
MySQL login details: (In case you don't have database yet, you should enter your hosting control panel and create it)
MySQL Server:
MySQL Username:
MySQL Password:
Database name:
Installation paths to script directory:
Server path to script directory:
Example: /home/server/public_html/SCRIPTFOLDER/ - for Linux host
Example: D:/server/www/websitedir/SCRIPTFOLDER/ - for Windows host
Full URL to script directory:
Script directory name:
Administrator login details: (Choose Username and Password you should use later when log in admin area)
Admin Username:
Admin Password: