Delivery/Order Update
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Delivery and Collection UPDATE  5th May

Our factory and office  are open. 
Our phones may go through to answer phone at busy times

Customers cannot visit our factory or sales office unless for a prearranged order collection.
All orders can be placed by phone or though the website.
We are allowing collections of pre arranged orders. This is only at set times and we will bring your order out to your vehicle.

Some  lead times are  still longer due to  material shortages and high demand.  

Approximate lead times are

Polycarbonate Sheets                      up to 3-7 working days
Glazing bars                                     varies on type 3-7 working days
1.22 x 0.61M greenhouse sheets     up to 3-5 working days
Corrugated Sheets                             5-7 working days 
White and Grey canopies                  2 weeks
Canopy Infills                                     3 weeks
Brown and coloured  canopies          On application  only  
Door canopies                                   up to 7 working days
Standard secondary glazing              5-10 working days
CTS secondary glazing                       5-10 working days
Smart sliders                                      3 weeks
Roof Lanterns                                    2-3 weeks

Quotations                                         up to 1-2 working days

Most  prices are on the website . If you still need a quote, email any enquiries to

Kind regards and many thanks
The OmegaBuild Team