Delivery/Order Update
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Delivery and Collection UPDATE  February 2023

 If you need your order urgently or on a specific day please let us know when you order.

Approximate lead times are

Polycarbonate Sheets                      up to 3-5 working days
Glazing bars                                     varies on type 3-10 working days
1.22 x 0.61M greenhouse sheets     up to 2-4 working days
Corrugated Sheets                             5-7 working days 
White and Grey canopies                  5-7 working days
Canopy Infills                                     1-2 weeks
Brown and coloured  canopies          4 weeks  
Door canopies                                   up to 5 working days
Standard secondary glazing              5-10 working days
CTS secondary glazing                       5-10 working days
Smart sliders                                      2-3 weeks
Roof Lanterns                                    2-3 weeks

Quotations                                         up to 1-2 working days

Most  prices are on the website . If you still need a quote, email any enquiries to
Kind regards and many thanks
The OmegaBuild Team