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Polycarbonate Sheets



What are polycarbonate sheets?

They are a roofing material, with the best polycarbonate sheets providing a great roofing system or solution from carports and canopies to conservatories and roof lights. Omega Build has one of the best range of solutions in the UK.

Our polycarbonate roofing sheets are supplied in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. The colour range is clear, bronze opal, bronze-opal, and heatguard-opal. Heatguard-opal is designed to control the heat build-up in conservatories and is effective in reducing the impact of the suns’ energy by 50%. We are also able to offer solar inserts as a factory fit option fitted to the polycarbonate sheets. These are the most effective solution in controlling heat build-up in conservatories. The solar inserts reflect 80% of the suns’ radiant heat and reduce glare by 80%. Solar inserts can also be fitted by Omega fitters to existing polycarbonate roofs through our Omega Solar Insert retrofit service and, in addition, solar inserts are supplied as a solar insert DIY kit.

In Polycarbonate roofing systems the polycarbonate roofing sheets vary in thickness from 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm to 35mm polycarbonate roofing sheets. The thicker polycarbonate panels offer the highest level of insulation of any glazed roofing solution. The 35mm polycarbonate has a U-value of 1.2.

A similar solution is provided as a supply and fit service for glass roofs, employing a solar film with similar specifications to the solar inserts.


Polycarbonate Sheets We Supply

  • At Omega Build we supply a full range of multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets such as 10mm polycarbonate sheets, 4mm polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses, carports, canopies, conservatories & rooflights, and 16mm polycarbonate roofing sheets.
  • They can be supplied as either stock rectangles or cheap polycarbonate sheets cut to size for your required size.
  • If you require advice on suitability for your project please contact us. We will be happy to help with your roofing requirements.
  • For cost and size availability either go to our online shop or click on the links in the table below.
  • We can supply a range of polycarbonate from the major manufacturers such as GE Sabic (Lexan), Palram (Sunlite), Ultraframe (Ultralite500), and Brett Martin (Marlon) perfect for roofing systems.
  • If you are trying to match a type not shown in the table below, please contact us as we can also supply other types of sheets for sale such as pvc corrugated roofing sheets.

Compare Polycarbonate Sheets
Where to use Polycarbonate Sheeting
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Compare Polycarbonate Sheets

Which polycarbonate sheet is best for your requirements?

Our informative table below outlines the thicknesses, colours, and uses that will enable you to compare which sheet is best for your individual requirements. The product name links directly through to the product category, enabling you to find out more about each one and to purchase it online.

Thickness Colour Structure Light Transmission U Value W/M2/K Solar Reflection Most Popular For
4mm polycarbonate sheets clear Twinwall 82% 3.8 NA Greenhouse Glazing
10mm polycarbonate sheets clear Twinwall 79% 3 NA Greenhouse, Carport Roofs
bronze Twinwall 35% 3 NA Car port roofs, Pario covers
opal Twinwall 30% 3 NA Carport Roofs
Bronze haze Twinwall 16% 2.5 25% School Canopies, Animal Shelters 
16mm polycarbonate sheets clear Triplewall 76% 2.3 NA Carports and Canopies
bronze Triplewall 35% 2.3 NA Patio Covers
opal Triplewall 48% 2.3 NA School Canopies
25mm polycarbonate sheets clear 9 wall X 51% 1.4 NA Roof Lights
bronze 9 wall X 25% 1.4 NA Conservatories
opal 9 wall X 44% 1.4 NA Conservatories
bronze on opal 5 wall X 10% 1.4 NA Hardwood Conservatories
heatguard on opal 5 wall X 5% 1.4 50% South facing Conservatories
35mm polycarbonate sheets clear 5 wall X 57% 1.2 NA Roof Lights
bronze 5 wall X 20% 1.2 NA Conservatories
opal 5 wall X 15% 1.2 NA Conservatories
bronze on opal 5 wall X 10% 1.2 NA Hardwood Conservatories
heatguard on opal 5 wall X 5% 1.2 50% South facing Conservatories

We also have some special offers that you may be interested in.

Where to use polycarbonate sheeting

Our guide below outlines the best solution for your particular requirements:

4mm Polycarbonate Uses

This thickness of sheeting is very popular with greenhouses, as it provides a more affordable and safe alternative to using glass for greenhouse glazing.

10mm Polycarbonate Uses

This thickness is used for projects that require a thicker, sturdier solution. This typically includes usage with carports, lean-to roofs, canopies, and the like. See our 10mm polycarbonate sheets special offers...

16mm Polycarbonate Uses

Again this thickness is used for the same as the 10mm sheet, along with usage in conservatories. See our 16mm polycarbonate sheets special offer...

25mm and 35mm Polycarbonate Uses

The thickest poly we supply is generally used for building conservatories. They can be used for the construction of a new conservatory, or to replace an old roofing sheet or panel(s).


Frequently Asked Questions about Polycarbonate Sheeting

Q/ What thickness sheeting should I use for a roof?

A/ We recommend using 25mm or 35mm sheets for conservatory roof glazing. The thicker glazing, allows it to gain better insulation levels and optimum U values.

Q/ How long does polycarbonate roofing last?

A/ If you have installed it in a professional manner, there is no reason why your roofing won't last for 25 years or even longer. It has a long lifespan as it is a lightweight thermoplastic material with an amazing ability to withstand very cold or hot temperatures.

Q/ How do I cut polycarbonate sheets?

A/ There is a great article on Wikihow about how to cut polycarbonate.

Q/ Can you curve multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets?

Multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 4 to 10 and 16mm which are ideally suited to cold curving into arches.  The multiwall sheets can be easily curved for the formation of architectural rooflights, including arched walkways, barrel vaults, and domed rooflights.  Sheets must always be bent longitudinally, never across the width of the sheet, for a roofing application i.e. the ribs must run over the top of the curve.

Curving poly radius informationMultiwall polycarbonate can be cold curved only in the direction of extrusion. Although good design practice should limit the cold curve radius to 175 times the sheet thickness.

The minimum cold curve radius is equal to 150 times the sheet thickness. For sheets with more complex structures, the minimum bending radius must be increased to prevent optical distortion of the internal walls. Curving sheets to a tighter radius than this leads to buckling and stress levels which will reduce the impact resistance and service life of the sheet. It will also make it more prone to chemical attacks.

Only sheets of 16mm and below are suitable for cold curving. Curving of sheets thicker than this leads to optical distortion and high levels of internal stress.

Q/ Does polycarbonate block UV rays?

A/ Polycarbonate can withstand extreme amounts of force and are nearly unbreakable. ... With its UV blocking capabilities, it is a perfect material for constructing affordable additions to your property. The properties of polycarbonate also make it the ideal material for the construction of greenhouses, also known as greenhouse glazing sheets.

Q/ What sound reduction do I get with multiwall sheets?

A/ Multiwall Polycarbonate is not typically used for sound reduction. To achieve substantial sound reduction it is best to have a larger airgap e.g 150-20mm.

Polycarbonate sound reductionPlease note however that the noise of rain hitting the polycarbonate will be amplified due to the drumming effect through the hollow channels. Airborne Sound Reduction Index  BS EN ISO140-3:1995, BS2750:Part3.

Q/ Can poly sheets be drilled?
A/ Yes.

Q/ Do you have any tips for avoiding condensation in polycarbonate panels?
A/ Yes, we do. Please click on the link directly below to read more about how you can reduce condensation.

Q/ Can I put a heater under a Polycarbonate roof?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material that will melt when it is exposed to high temperatures.

The polycarbonate should be far enough away from hot surfaces or hot gases so that it is not subjected to temperatures above 100°C.

Polycarbonate Roofs are being used to create covered entertaining spaces for businesses or homeowners to use all year round.

We have supplied our Omega Smart Canopies and also our DIY rafter-supported Roof Kits to be used for many different things.

Sitting areas, dining areas, hot tub or spa areas, bars, games areas, drying washing, covered walkways, car maintenance, motorbike storage are just a few of the uses that we have supplied polycarbonate roofs for over the years. Most of the uses that these areas are put to don`t require any additional thought or considerations at the design stage.

However, there are a few uses that do require some more design input.

Barbecuing, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc. will create smoke and steam so it may be that the roof needs to be ventilated.

If the barbecue is built-in with a flue or the outdoor kitchen cooker has a flue then these can be taken up and through the roof. You need to ensure the flue does not come into direct contact with the polycarbonate and you seal around the edge with flashing or a butyl based flashband (not bitumen-based).

You will also need to ensure you have enough ventilation around the sides for any gases that may be created.

Gas patio heaters and open-flamed barbecues should not be placed directly under polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material that will melt when it is exposed to high temperatures.

The Marlon polycarbonate should be far enough away from the hot surface or hot gases so that it is not subjected to temperatures above 100°C.

Remember if you need to clean your polycarbonate roof do not use any chemicals and use a soft cloth to ensure you do not scratch the surface.

If you are interested in one of our aluminum verandas or Canopies have a look at our online shop. https://www.omegabuild.com/shop/

If you want to build your own timber structure and just want a rafter supported roof kit have a look at that product.


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Polycarbonate panels are supplied in Clear, Bronze, or Opal and there is an enormous range of uses for it including, greenhouses, temporary glazing, carports, replacement secondary glazing, and open-sided structures to name a few. Our roof sheets are UV-protected and available in a range of sizes.

While you are here you may also like to look at our polycarbonate sheet products on Business Magnet.

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The information section of our site contains more details and info sheets on our products. See our information sheets.

If you require pricing for non-rectangular shapes please e-mail, fax, or post your plans to our office for a custom cut to size quotation. We can also advise you about fitting and send you a polycarbonate roofing installation guide if required. To read about how adaptable polycarbonate is why not read about Polycarbonate and how to improve your home with a polycarbonate roof.

See secondary glazing in our online shop or visit the home page of our website for more information about polycarbonate roofing systems.