Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

What are polycarbonate roofing sheets? They are a roofing material that can used in a number of ways and polycarbonate roofing sheets provide a great roofing solution for your polycarbonate roofing systems, from carports,canopies,conservatories to rooflights.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets We Supply

  • Omega Build supply a full range of multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets such as 10mm polycarbonate sheets, 4mm polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses,carports,canopies,conservatories & rooflights and 16mm polycarbonate roofing sheets.
  • They can supplied as either stock rectangles or cut to size polycarbonate sheets for your required size.
  • If you require advice on suitability for your project please contact us.We will be happy to help with your polycarbonate sheet roofing requirements.
  • For cost and size availability either go to the polycarbonate sheet roofing in our online shop or click on the links in the table below
  • We can supply a range of polycarbonates from  the major manufacturers such as GE Sabic (Lexan),Palram (Sunlite) ,Ultraframe (Ultralite500) and Brett Martin (Marlon) perfect for polycarbonate roofing systems.
  • If you are trying to match a type of polycarbonate not shown in the table below please contact us as we can also supply other types of polycarbonate sheets for sale .such as upvc corrugated sheets.

Thickness Colour Structure Light Transmission U Value W/M2/K Solar Reflection Most Popular For
4mm polycarbonate sheets clear Twinwall 82% 3.8 NA Greenhouse
10mm twinwall  polycarbonate sheets clear Twinwall 79% 3 NA Greenhouse ,carports
bronze Twinwall 35% 3 NA Carports,Pario covers
opal Twinwall 30% 3 NA Carports
Borg/bronze haze Twinwall 16% 2.5 25% School Canopies,Animal Shelters 
16mm polycarbonate sheets clear Triplewall 76% 2.3 NA Carports,Canopies
bronze Triplewall 35% 2.3 NA Patio Covers
opal Triplewall 48% 2.3 NA School Canopies, 
25mm polycarbonate sheets clear 9 wall X 51% 1.4 NA Roof Lights
bronze 9 wall X 25% 1.4 NA Conservatories
opal 9 wall X 44% 1.4 NA Conservatories
bronze on opal 5 wall X 10% 1.4 NA Hardwood Conservatories
heatguard on opal 5 wall X 5% 1.4 50% South facing Conservatories
35mm polycarbonate sheets clear 5 wall X 57% 1.2 NA Roof Lights
bronze 5 wall X 20% 1.2 NA Conservatories
opal 5 wall X 15% 1.2 NA Conservatories
bronze on opal 5 wall X 10% 1.2 NA Hardwood Conservatories
heatguard on opal 5 wall X 5% 1.2 50% South facing Conservatories

Ask Us For A Quotation

Polycarbonate panels are supplied in Clear, Bronze or Opal and there are an enormous range of uses for it including, greenhouses, temporary glazing, carports, replacement secondary glazing and  open-sided structures to name a few. Our polycarbonate roof sheets are UV protected and available in a range of sizes, ideal polycarbonate sheets for roofing.

10mm BORG Polycarbonate, Bronze haze is unique in the market. It is made out of recycled polycarbonate which gives it a hazy bronze tint. This is great for diffusing sunlight when using as a garden shelter or canopy. It has 4 walls which gives it a higher insulation than standard 10mm polycarbonate. This is a real advantage when using to roof an animal shelter or as a koi carp pond cover.  On top of this it is cheaper than the everyday 10mm polycarbonate roofing which makes it perfect for people on a budget. While you are here you may like to look at our polycarbonate sheet products on Business Magnet.

If you require pricing for non-rectangular shapes please e-mail, fax or post your plans to our office for a custom cut to size quotation. To read about how adaptable polycarbonate is why not read about Polycarbonate here and how to improve your home with a polycarbonate roof.

See secondary glazing in our online shop or visit the home page of our website for more information about polycarbonate roofing.