Omega Carport Canopy Case Study

Build a Contemporary Carport


Create a contemporary carport for the front of his garage

Product used

Omega Smart Canopy in anthracite grey with inset legs, knee braces and a gutter adapter.

Add a contemporary carport to your house

The customer wanted a carport to be fitted onto the side of their house and in front of their garage. It was important that it blended in with their brick property and toned in with the new garage door. They had to accommodate a waste pipe near the front, a dwarf wall at the side and limited drainage.

The solution was a made to measure Omega Smart canopy with inset legs and knee braces with a eaves end plate gutter adapter in anthracite grey . It was also was glazed with 16mm opal multiwall polycarbonate sheets. ( we also supply 10mm polycarbonate roofing sheets).

The customer boxed in around the waste pipe and then cut out a suitable opening in that polycarbonate panel and sealed around it.

As he is not able to have a suitable soakaway , Omega supplied a gutter adapter so he was able to redirect the water into the guttering in front of the garage (see below).

Gutters and Knee Braces

He inset the legs so they were in line with a dwarf wall and finished them off with knee braces.

The customer was really happy with the finished result.