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(Max: 4500 mm)
(Min: 500 mm)

(Max: 2095 mm)
(Min: 500 mm)


10mm Polycarbonate Sheet from Omega Build

As a plastic roofing sheet the twinwall 10mm polycarbonate sheet offers the advantage of being a strong high-impact resistant roofing sheet while allowing a lot of natural daylight to pass through it. Other plastic roofing sheets such as PVC and PETG do not offer the same levels and will often not have such a long life span.


  • 10mm polycarbonate sheet has highly effective thermal insulation properties
  • 10mm polycarbonate sheet has a lightweight construction that is highly resistant to high impact damage
  • Excellent light transmission making it ideal for use as a skylight
  • Resistant to yellowing from UV exposure for long-lasting good looks
  • Meets all current requirements for fire resistance
  • Single-sided fully UV-protected for long-term installation


How to fix Polycarbonate Sheets


1) Right side up

There is a top and bottom side to most poly sheets. The top surface has been specially protected with a UV-resistant layer against adverse weather conditions so it is important to ensure it is installed the right way up. The side protected by the printed film is the top side. To ensure maximum weathering protection make sure the sheets are not installed upside down.

2) Taping ends of sheets

We recommend taping the open edges (top and bottom) of the polycarbonate sheets. If you are ordering cut to size sheets from Omega we can do this for you before shipping.  You should put aluminum (solid) tape on the top side and fabric breather tape on the lower end. This reduces the chance of moisture and insects or dust getting in the sheets. Any moisture that does get in through breaks in the tape, or absorbed through the polycarbonate should evaporate through the breather tape at the lower end. Please note the tapes are not weatherproof and need to be protected by sheet closures or flashing.

3) Thermal movement

Polycarbonate is subject to movement both laterally and longitudinally as a result of changes in temperature. It is therefore essential that adequate clearances are allowed when fitting glazing bars.

Check the descriptions on the glazing bars what should be deducted for the bar. A gap of 3mm must be allowed between the sheet end and the fixing leg of the glazing bar.

4) Fixing buttons

In exposed conditions, or where large panels are used fixing buttons are recommended at the eaves and on the purlins to prevent movement and wind lift. Drill a hole 3mm wider than the stem of the cover to ensure a good fit.

5) Cleaning

Poly glazing sheets should be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth using warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Do not use abrasives or cleaners with high alkaline content.

6) Suitable sealing

To allow for expansion and contraction of multiwall polycarbonate only non-hardening silicone sealant should be used. Although most low modulus sealants are suitable, there are a few containing chemical agents which react adversely with Polycarbonate. Ensure it is a neutral cure sealant that is compatible with polycarbonate.

7) Flashing material

Ideally, a metal flashing (Lead, Aluminium, or Zinc) should be used since these do not interfere with the thermal movement of the sheet. Self-adhesive flashings can be used but preferably in short lengths - max. 2m - with an overlap of 150mm. There are a few adhesive flashings that have an adverse effect on Polycarbonate such as bitumen. We recommend butyl-based flashing. Also do not apply flashband over freshly applied silicone. The fumes from the silicone as it drys affect the adhesive on the flashband.

8) Protective masking film

All Marlon Poly sheets are supplied with a polythene film on both sides and tape on both ends to protect the sheet during transit and installation. It is clear/plain on one side and patterned on the other.

9) Warranty

Good quality polycarbonate should have a 10-year warranty.  This warranty is usually for the UV protective layer and its impact on discolouration. We're also more affordable than Wickes 10mm poly sheets.

It is worth checking as some companies sell imported polycarbonate sheets with inferior UV protection that has either no or a very limited warranty.

Polycarbonate is not guaranteed against condensation. This can be caused by fitting issues and/or the environment in which the roof is situated.

10) How to cut 10mm polycarbonate sheet?

To cut twin wall polycarbonate or trim it, if it is cut to size, have a look at this website.

Updated July 2021.

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet from Omega Build

Product details:

10mm Polycarbonate Sheets Cut to Size

Clear, Bronze, and Opal 10mm polycarbonate sheet cut to size. Twinwall 10mm polycarbonate roofing sheets available to buy online from just £4.98 inc vat.
Clear, Bronze, and Opal polycarbonate sheet panel dimensions:
Maximum length:  4,500mm. Minimum length:     500mm.
Maximum width:    2,100mm. Minimum width:      500mm. 
Polycarbonate Sheet Light Transmission:
10mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet = 88%
10mm Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet = 46%
10mm Opal Polycarbonate sheet 58%
All our 10mm plastic sheets are UV protected.
‘U’ Value for 10mm Polycarbonate = 3.2
Applications for our 10mm polycarbonate sheets:
Cut to size for Greenhouse and temporary glazing, Carports, 
Open-sided structures where good thermal insulation is not required.
All 10mm sheet - Clear, Bronze, and Opal Polycarbonate sheets are guaranteed for 10 years.
10mm polycarbonate sheet that is cut to size is ideal for use with roofing/lean-to roofs, carports/canopies, and pergolas, etc. These twinwall 10mm polycarbonate sheets are used in the construction of roofs for open structures such as carports, walkways, trolley shelters, smoking shelters, barrel vault roof lights, garden shelters, pergola, and gazebos as they are versatile & lightweight.
Design and construction companies also like these 10mm polycarbonate sheets for building stages and sets due to them being available in large panels, which are lightweight and easy to cut and shape.


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