Secondary Glazing: Aluminium Secondary Glazing Systems

Aluminium secondary glazing systems

Updated June 2021.

Nowadays, building cost-effective homes is a necessity.

Aluminium secondary glazing systems - You can save a lot on your energy bills if you build your home the right way or renovate it using aluminium secondary glazing. our aluminium secondary glazing systems can be used with your windows to make them soundproof, prevent heat loss and keep the cold air outside in winter. Not only you get to have a comfortable and quiet home but you save on your utility bills.

Fitting secondary glazing from Omega Build can save you money on your energy bills.

We also provide an affordable range of aluminium carport kits. Our Smart Canopy Lean-To range makes an ideal aluminium carport.

Aluminium Secondary Glazing Systems

Aluminium Secondary Glazing Systems. A practical solution protecting and sound sealing your windows. By fitting our secondary glazing systems you could spare around 10% on your energy bills.


Opening Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Opening aluminium secondary glazing is used on windows that are fixed. On the other hand, this type of glazing is useful when the user of the window often opens the window for ventilation. Omega Build is offering its customers a selection of auxiliary coating units. The coating is standard with 4mm clear glass and all units are provided to the customers ready for installation.


Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing

The hinged aluminium secondary glazing units are used when the windows are hinged or come with casement. From omega Build, you can buy quality units that come ready for installation as well.


Sliding Aluminium Secondary Glazing

The sliding aluminium secondary glazing kits are used with vertically sliding sashes. The meeting rails of the unit will easily align with the meeting rail of the primary window. With our sliding secondary glazing kits, our customers will not have any difficulty using the sliding window when the unit has been installed but will enjoy quality soundproofing and savings on their energy bills.


Removable Aluminium Secondary Glazing

The removable aluminium secondary units can be removed according to the needs of the user. These units are normally installed with sash or casement windows. They are used when there is sufficient space internally to pen encasement secondary glazing.

Omega Build is providing all four types of units to its customers. All units come with high quality and can be availed all ready for installation. The user does not have to worry about disturbing the aesthetic of the windows as the units can be installed quite neatly. The function of the unit and the window say undisturbed as well giving the user convenience.


Benefits of Aluminium Secondary Glazing Systems

Installing the aluminium secondary glazing systems, homeowners can enjoy a lot of benefits:

  • The units will give you a fair reduction in noise after installation. Homes are supposed to quiet places where you relax and unnecessary noise can be disturbing, you can finally get rid of this problem by installing the right unit.
  • In summers, homes can become quite warm and the use of cooling appliances like fans and air conditioners is increased. Instead of continuously using the appliances and increasing your utility bills, install the unit one time and save money.
  • In the winters, you can keep the cold air outside and decrease your heating bills. The units keep the warmth of the house locked in so homeowners don’t have to excessively make use of heating appliances.


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