Care of Polycarbonate Glazing Sheets      
The premium quality structured polycarbonate roofing sheets supplied by Omega combine exceptional impact resistance with good workability.

Polycarbonate glazed roofs are light, strong and can have high thermal insulation value. With an choice of clear, bronze, opal, combined bronze/opal, and sheets that deflect solar radiation, it simply makes good sense to use it in place of traditional roofing materials.


Storage, Cutting & Drilling

Store sheets on flat surfaces or wooden bearers with 100mm minimum bearing surface placed
at centres not exceeding 1m. Cover securely with an opaque cover to protect from wind, rain
and sun. Marlon ST Longlife should be stored indoors whenever possible.

Marlon ST Longlife can be cut with a fine tooth circular saw or hand saw held at a shallow angle.Dust MUST be removed from the sheet using a vacuum cleaner or dry compressed air. It is necessary to support the sheet close to the cut and to hold it firmly to prevent stress and vibration.

Circular saw


Clearance angle
Rake angle
Cutting speed
180-240 m/min
Blade speed
1800-2400 m/min
Tooth spacing
Marlon ST Longlife can be drilled using standard twist drills and carbide tipped drills. The sheet must be supported firmly underneath when drilling. To allow for thermal expansion, holes should be drilled a minimum of 6mm in diameter larger than the diameter of the shank of the fixing being used for sheet lengths up to 2000mm and a further 2.5mm greater in diameter per 1000mm additional length of sheet. Holes for cladding buttons should be a minimum of 18mm in diameter. Holes must not be drilled any less than 40mm from the edges of the sheet.
Do not walk on Marlon ST Longlife sheets at any time. Always use a crawling board placed across several support purlins of the structure. Sheets up to 3m long x 1m wide can be safely handled by one person but larger sheets will require two or more people. When handling and fitting sheets, particular care must be taken in windy conditions.
Any pallets of 6 metres or longer must be lifted using a spreader beam of adequate length (with no more than 2.5m unsupported at each end) or have the sheets removed by hand (one or two at a time) and re-stacked on a suitable pallet.


 Please remember we can also cut and prepare sheets to your specific requirements, all we need are dimensions or a drawing of the shape you require.

If you wish to discuss this option please telephone our sales office on 01769 574426.

As a condition of ensuring that polycarbonate performs at optimum throughout its service life, it is recommended that the sheet be cleaned periodically using suitable household cleaning agents. The recommended cleaning instructions are as follows:

  • use lukewarm water to rinse sheet and soften dirt
  • make up a solution of lukewarm water and ordinary household cleaner or a mild soap and use this to wash sheet
  • a sponge or soft cloth should then be used to gently remove dirt and grime
  • the cleaning process should then be repeated and the sheet rinsed and dried with a soft cloth

Care should be taken to observe the following precautions:

  1. Do not scrub Marlon ST Longlife sheet with brushes or sharp instruments.
  2. Avoid contact with the UV protected surface of Marlon ST Longlife by Butyl Cellosolve, Isopropanol or any other solvent.
  3. Avoid any abrasives or cleaners of a highly alkaline composition.
It is generally advisable in all instances to test any cleaner on a sample piece of Marlon ST Longlife first and it should also be remembered that cleaners and solvents which state that they are suitable for cleaning polycarbonate may not be safe for use on the UV protective surface of Marlon ST Longlife.