How to replace a conservatory roof


How to replace a conservatory roof.


How to replace a conservatory roof. A polycarbonate roof that was leaking and discoloured. a replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof was recommended.

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The Kays old conservatory roof was very old. The glazing was dirty making the conservatory very dark. It was not well insulated so the roof was very cold in the Winter and too warm in the Summer.  This made the room unusable for much of the year.

They decided to replace the panels with Marlon 25mm opal polycarbonate which come with a 10 year warranty against discolouration. She chose polycarbonate rather than glass as it is not as heavy and the opal diffuses the light much better than most glass.

They decided to reuse the existing wooden rafters on the roof and do the work themselves. They measured up the existing panels and took advantage of Omegas cut to size polycarbonate service to get the panels cut correctly and taped in the factory. This reduced the time significantly that it took him to fit the panels. As the roof bars had been up there at least 10 years they also bought new rafter supported upvcsnap fix bars. Now the conservatory is a bright and airy space again . The light is diffused in the Summer making it much more comfortable . The customer loves their conservatory now.

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