10mm Plastic Sheet | 10mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Plastic Sheet from Omega Build. Buy 10mm mutiwall polycarbonate sheet, known as "10mm plastic sheet" or "10mm clear polycarbonate sheet" on our website.

We are experts in the field of all things polycarbonate and offer a wide range of products and solutions for virtually any roofing requirement, from larger canopy projects to small diy roofing jobs around the home.

We can supply our 10mm plastic sheet in standard rectangle sizes, or we can cut our plastic sheet to fit your specific requirements, all at very competitive prices.

Our 10mm Polycarbonater sheets are built to stabilise UV for good weatherability and prolonged sunlight exposure. Whilst also being impact resistant and loghtweight they are very durable and make an ideal choice for a wide range of buildings and applications. They even havea  10 year limited warranty for this UV protection.

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If you are looking for another thickness of poly, we have the following options: 4mm polycarbonate sheets, 16mm polycarbonate sheets, 25mm polycarbonate sheets and 35mm polycarbonate sheets.

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