DIY Secondary Glazing

Omega supplies a full range of solutions for secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is used to dramatically improve the heat or sound insulation of your existing windows. They can be used either with single glazed windows in a listed and older buildings where you want to retain the traditional glazing or with double glazed units where you want to improve the sound insulation.

If your main priority is heat insulation you ideally want to place your secondary glazing panel 10-15mm away from your existing glass.

If your main priority is sound insulation you need a bigger air gap of 100-150mm.

The three main types of secondary glazing we offer are (click on title for more information)

Made to measure opening units with glass and aluminium and hardwood frames that remain in place all year round

Fixed panel kits including glass clear acrylic or plate polycarbonate which can be removed in the summer or for cleaning. Some of the fittings can also be used with glass

Temporary secondary glazing film ideal for rented property or when you are on a tight budget.

Made to Measure Opening Secondary Glazing units


We have a comprehensive range of styles to suit just about every application, including Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Fixed and Lift-Out Units, Vertical Sliders as well as Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-in Balanced Vertical Sliders. We can supply frames in white, silver or brown as standard and can accommodate any R.A.L. colour upon request to suit individual requirements. We can also provide a wide range of glass types such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic.

If you would like us to quote for this option please either call or email us with the sizes. When measuring for the opening units please deduct 10mm from the size of your window recess to ensure easy fitting. If you would like more information or a quotation please go to our specialist Secondary Glazing Website

NEW DIY horizontal slider Kits

We now stock the Track Glaze upvc horizontal sliding secondary glazing kits which enable you to create your own horizontal slider units for your windows. This kit is ideal for windows wher the panels are 1200mm or smaller in any dimensiona nd where it is level and the corners are square. It provides an excellent solution for heat and sound insulation whilst giving you the flexibility of an opening unit.

  • Kit available in white or brown ,and in 1 or 2M lengths
  • Kit contains 3 lengths of top sliding track, 1 length of bottom sliding track,1 length of angle and 1 coil of bristle seal.
  • Can be used with 4mm glass ,acrylic or plate polycarbonate

The measuring/fitting guide can be found at Fitting Guide

The fitting video can be viewed at  Fitting Video

You can order it at  Secondary Glazing Shop

 Fixed Panel Kits

The kit consists of either glass clear acrylic or plate polycarbonate held in place either by upvc fixing strips, easyfix flexible edging or magnetic tape. The glazing can be removed for cleaning when required. We will cut the acrylic or plate polycarbonate to size for you free of charge. You just need to select the stock sheets you require in our online shop and put the sizes you want them cut to in the Notes section in the shopping cart (after your credit card details) . If you would like to place an order or to get pricing please go to our online shop

Fixed glazing options

Acrylic Sheet

8x times stronger than glass
UV resistant
We recommend 4mm for larger windows e.g. over 1M x 1M

Plate Polycarbonate Sheet

200 times stronger than glass
UV resistant
Ideal where security is vital
10 year discoloration guarantee

Fixed Fitting Options

For tips on measuring please go to Secondary Glazing Measuring Tips. (pdf)

OM24 UPVC Glazing Strip

Suitable for 2-4mm acrylic or plate polycarbonate. NOT suitable for glass

Pack includes the 1.83M base with double sided adhesive and white clip in top cap.

The double sided adhesive tape means it can be fixed to either metal or wooden frames securely. For larger wooden windows it is recommended that the strip is screw fixed. The strip is 23mm wide and protrudes over the edge of the glazing panel by 13mm

Ideal where you require a frame effect and for when you want the added security of screwing into the frame.

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

OM25 Magnetic Glazing Tape

Only suitable for 2-4mm acrylic or plate polycarbonate. Not suitable for glass

Only recommended for high gloss surfaces

Pack consists of a 12.7mm wide magnetic tape and a 13mm steel tape with double sided adhesive.

Available in 15M (white only) or 30M lengths (white or brown)

The white steel tape attaches to the window frame and the magnetic tape to the secondary glazing sheet. The tapes are only 2mm thick.

Ideal solution where you do not want the secondary glazing to protrude too much

For larger panels we recommend using some easyfix clips to offer extra support for the panels

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

A very straightforward video with advice on fitting the magnetic tape can be found at magnetic secondary glazing fitting video.

Framed Magnetic Tape

Suitable for 2-4mm acrylic or plate polycarbonate (NOT suitable for glass) and for fitting onto a high gloss surface.

Packs consists of a 2.44m long magnetic backed white or brown upvc clip frame and a white steel tape which attach onto each other with fitting instructions.

The double sided adhesive tape fixes the steel tape to the window frame and the magnetic tape clips onto the secondary glazing panel. You need 15mm of flat mountable surface around your window frame to fix the strip.

Ideal solution where you require a frame effect and want the benefit of magnetic tape for easy fitting and removing the panel.

Fitting Instructions can be found at framed magnetic tape fitting instructions (pdf)

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

To see a fitting video on the above please click here.

Easyfix Kit

Suitable for 2-4mm acrylic, plate polycarbonate and glass.

Pack includes 15M roll of flexible edging, 72 nylon clips and wood screws, a mitre tool and fitting instructions. Available in white, clear or brown.

The flexible edging is used to frame the panel and it is then held in place by the nylon clips and screws. You need to ensure you allow at least 10mm around the outside of the secondary glazing panel for the clips. 

Ideal where the surface is not high gloss, is slightly uneven, or slightly damp.

Fitting Instructions can be found at Easyfix Fitting Instructions

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

To see a fitting video on the above please click here.

Superglaze Edging

Suitable for 2-4mm acrylic, plate polycarbonate or glass

Pack includes either a 1.22 or 2.44M length and screws and fitting instruction. Available in white and brown.

The glazing panel slides into the clip and The edging is screwed onto the window frame

You need 19mm of flat mountable surface on your frame to fix the edging and the frame sits 10mm around around the edge of your secondary glazing panel

Can only be removed by unscrewing from frame

Fitting Instructions can be found at Superglaze Fitting Instructions

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

• To see a fitting video on the above please click here.

Secondary Glazing Film

Ideal for rental properties and where you are looking for a short term solution

Pack includes a sheet of clear plastic film and double sided tape with full fitting instructions

The double sided tape is stuck around the windows frame and the plastic film applied. A hairdryer is used to smooth out the creases

Fitting Instructions can be found at Filmglaze Fitting Instructions

To order please go to our Secondary Glazing Shop

We also can supply foam draught excluders to be used with our range of secondary glazing products

• To see a fitting video on the secondary glazing film above please click here.




 A Lovely thank you card from the reception class at Delaware primary school for the safety glazing we gave them for their renovated play house   May 2012




 March 2012





 Just to let you know I've completed the secondary glazing in my front porch and am delighted with the result. I understand that for a business like yours mine was a very small order but the courtesy and helpfulness I experienced made me feel like a highly valued customer. I will have no hesitation using you again and recommending you to other DIY novices. Thanks again for all the advice and support. Feb 2011

I've used your products (4mm acrylic) to secondary glaze traditional sash and case windows because proprietary secondary glazing looked god awfull with a heavy PVC frame bolted to the window. I am delighted with the results. The outer / inner windows dont steam up. The end finish is so unobtrusive my wife has stuck a small "sticker" on each window to prevent people bumping into them because they don't notice the inner pane is there and the draught proofing and heat retention is superb.In due course we will extend the secondary glazing to other windows in our home. Jan 2011

Thanks for sending your newsletter – it prompts me to take the opportunity to say how pleased we have been with the secondary glazing kit you sent us a few weeks ago. It was cut to exactly the measurements we asked for and the instructions were clear and helpful. The tapes were good quality and adhered well. The result is hopefully warmer rooms from a system which is hardly noticeable.We chose Omega after an internet search and are very pleased to have found a company whose products are priced reasonably and do exactly what the website claims. Feb 2009

Dear Omegabuild, thank you very much for your delivery - swift service - and good customer care - all the items arrived to the spec that I had ordered and were well packaged and in good condition on arrival. I would be happy to give you a quotation with my name for marketing purposes to state how superb your customer service is! Dec 2008

Thank you very much for your excellent service. Your website said it would be delivered in 3 days and it was, I requested your driver call before he delivered which he did. The product was well protected and cut to the right size. It is very refreshing to receive such good customer care. I will be recommending you to others. Dec 2008

I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation of your service and products.It can be a little daunting sometimes ordering materials from peopleyou haven't met or products you haven't seen,especially sheets of perspex !I am pleased to recommend you all most highly,the packing is was nearly as good as the sheeting itself.Tricia on sales was a delight,the help and service you provide is perfect.We are already reaping the benefit of secondary glazing. Great big thank you. Sept 2009