How to keep a Greenhouse warm this Winter

Greenhouse Polycarbonate
At this time of year many of us will be thinking about how to maintain the correct temperature for our greenhouses so we can get off to the best possible start next spring. Most keen gardeners will be doing all they can to ensure their Greenhouse is kept warm over winter and remains a frost free environment.

You’re probably wondering how you will achieve a suitable temperature in your greenhouse this winter without clocking up a huge heating bill. Many Garden enthusiasts are now turning to Multiwall Polycarbonate and here’s why.



Greenhouse Polycarbonate

The advantages of using Multiwall Polycarbonate to keep your greenhouse warm this winter are not just the low costs, there’s the high light transmission, the safety benefits and the excellent thermal insulation that allows for reduction of the heating costs during the winter.

  • Insulation- Using Multiwall Polycarbonate can really help you reduce the heating costs when trying to keep your greenhouse warm as it releases less heat than glass.
  • Safety- If you have reason to worry that a person or pet might injure themselves on greenhouse glass, those concerns can be totally eradicated when using polycarbonate.
  • Light Transmission- People are sometimes led to believe that because glass has a larger light transmission than polycarbonate it must be more suitable for greenhouses. However, The Daily Telegraph published an article called Greenhouses: why polycarbonate beats glass which included the following statement.

Single-skin polycarbonate has around 94-96 per cent light transmission compared to 3mm glass having a value of 97-98 per cent; 4mm polycarbonate has a value of 80-84 per cent. Although the transmission value for the latter looks significantly lower than glass because the light is scattered as it passes through the twin wall, it becomes more diffuse, meaning it penetrates into areas that light coming through glass does not, so this can be quite an advantage.”

Diffused light behaves in a very different way to direct light. It scatters in many different directions and angles so the light energy is distributed to more areas of your greenhouse if you use greenhouse polycarbonate sheets (click to read more).


Replacement greenhouse polycarbonate – high winds and stormy weather can mean one thing for a greenhouse

We are seeing a steady increase in replacement greenhouse polycarbonate multi buy pack sales, this means one thing for us at Omega Build the winter is on its way!

The problem with greenhouse glass is it’s so fragile – it’s only 4mm thick and is glazed inside an aluminum frame using small metal clips – a recipe for disaster. Add strong winds and movement to thin glass and metal and only one thing is going to happen – lots of sharp broken glass.

Not great if you are a keen gardener. However we know that this time of year we have to make sure we have a good stock of replacement 4mm greenhouse polycarbonate.

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet a viable alternative

4mm polycarbonate sheetOur solution to the problem; 4mm polycarbonate sheet is a completely safe alternative to glass with the added benefit of thermal insulation. Easy to fit and easy to cut (with a Stanley knife) it’s a real viable solution. We have even put together a cost effective 10 pack so you can replace more than you need to.

By making sure we have enough stock we are pleased to confirm that we have kept our prices very keen and are still offering our winter special, the 10 sheet 4mm replacement greenhouse polycarbonate multi buy pack and is ready for shipping.

We have got the full range of fixings and fittings and of course you can take advantage of our first class support and service if you need any help.


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