Insulate a Single Glazed Window

Insulate a single glazed window with secondary glazing to reduce condensation and save money

Secondary glazing

The James window was cold and draughty.  It is north facing and in the morning in particular the windows suffered from heavy condensation. As they had a number of rooms and windows to insulate they wanted a fairly low cost solution that was easy to fit themselves.

They fitted 4mm plate polycarbonate sheets (cut to size by Omega) with white backed magnetic tape fittings. The polycarbonate was supplied already cut to size by Omega based on measurements the James had given .Omega were happy to advise on how to measure up. The magnetic and steel tapes are supplied in rolls and they found it easy to cut with heavy duty scissors. Some alcohol wipes had even been included with the kit to make it easy for the customer to prepare the window frames.

Products Used:

Mr James says;“I can't tell you how much of a difference its made stopping the damp on the glass in the morning and reducing the noise from the road and the church clock that chimes hourly!  All of the other windows currently fitted with the Magnetic Secondary glazing I got from you earlier in the year are also always crystal clear.  Absolutely amazing!”

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