Issue with polycarbonate creaking

Some people complain that their polycarbonate conservatory roofs can make sudden creaking or cracking sounds. Polycarbonate will expand and contract with extreme temperature changes. However there are a number of things you can do to minimise this.
  1. Ensure there had been some space allowed between the sheets and glazing bar/fixings for thermal expansion, 3.5mm per M is usually enough.
  2. Ensure the glazing bars are not applied too tightly as this can inhibit sideways movement. Instead of the sheet moving gradually with the changes in temperature it will bind and then move with a jerk causing creaking which sounds disproportionately loud inside the structure. It may also rub the gasket of the aluminium structure.
  3. Ensure the glazing bar gasket is in the correct place under the sheet. If it is displaced the polycarbonate may rub against the aluminium causing noise.


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