Replacement Secondary Glazing


Replacement secondary glazing

  1. Replacement Secondary Glazing is Easy to Fit
  2. Double Glazing versus Secondary Glazing
  3. Replacement Secondary Glazing Facts
  4. How to survey a window
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Following on from our article about aluminium secondary glazing, more details and information about our replacement secondary glazing from Omega Build can be found on our website or by calling us on 01769 574426..

Double glazing is a more expensive option than secondary glazing and we at Omega Build have a range of diy secondary glazing kits to meet all budgets, keeping the cost of replacing your glazing down to an affordable level in 2019.

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Replacement Glazing is Easy to Fit

Installing our secondary glazing solutions can be done easily without the need for a professional installer, so you can make more savings using your own diy skills. A nice project for the weekend...

Secondary glazing and replacement secondary glazing also has the advantage of reducing heat loss, keeping external noise levels to a minimum and increasing the energy efficiency of your property.

Double Glazing versus Secondary Glazing


  • The obvious difference is that double glazing systems are a more expensive solution than Secondary Glazing options.
  • You need a professional to install doiuble glazing, whereas the installation of secondary glazing can be a diy task you can tackle yourself.
  • Double glazing offers a better level of noise insulation.
  • It is easy to reverse.

Facts that YOU didn't know about Replacement Secondary Glazing


  1. Secondary glazing is eco-friendly.
  2. It is a great way to reduce noise. As well as an extra layer of warmth, it wil provide an extra barrier against traffic noise and the like. It can in some cases, cut noise pollution down by up to 75%.
  3. It is not just for older or listed properties. There is a myth that it can only be used on older properties and buildings. This is wrong, it can be fitted on most windows in most properties. So if your wooden window franes have started to rot and are letting in a draught, then you might want to look at replacing it with secondary glazing.
  4. There is a wide range of options and colours available. Yes, you do have a choice, Check out our range of diy secondary glazing solutions.


How to Survey a Window for Fitting Your Glazing



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